Staphylococcal Superantigens Use LAMA2 as a Coreceptor for GPCR signaling To Activate T Cells

PUBLICATION:  Li Z, Zeppa JJ, Hancock MA, McCormick JK, Doherty TM, Hendy GN, and Madrenas J.  Staphylococcal Superantigens Use LAMA2 as a Coreceptor To Activate T Cells. J Immunol. 2018; 200: 1471-1479.

The identification of a T cell co-receptor for staphylococcal superantigens had been challenging due to the structural features of the interaction and its kinetics.  However, working with Dualstystems Biotech AG, and with Dr. Paul Helbling in particular, and using the LRC-TriCEPS technology, we were able to identify a candidate that was subsequently corroborated by biochemical and functional assays.   We are very happy with this collaboration , and sincerely recommend it for the identification of novel receptor or co-receptor candidates.

(Quim) Madrenas, MD, PhD, FCAHS
Chief Scientific Officer
Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center