Review of the annual Swiss Proteomics Meeting 2017

Presentation of Prof. Dr. Wollscheid was very successfull

The presentation of Prof. Dr. Wollscheid at the Bio-Technopark was a successful start of the new seminar series.


October 4th 2016, Schlieren:apero-bio-technopark-presentation-wollscheid-oktober-2016

Last week Dualsystems invited Prof. Wollscheid to give a presentation in a new seminar series at the Bio-Technopark in Schlieren. Nearly 80 people listened intensely to Prof. Bernd Wollscheid’s talk about “Decoding Ligand-Receptor Interactions”. Prof. Wollscheid presented his work that is trying to bridge the gap between the genotype and the phenotype and especially focusing on the protein-protein interactions at the surfaceome. After his impressive talk and during the party that followed Prof. Wollscheid had lively discussions with many participants and tried to answer all upcoming questions.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Wollscheid is a Principal Investigator and Head of the Biomedical Proteomics Platform at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland.


Dualsystems is looking for a Proteomics Specialist (Scientist 60%-100%)

Now, we are looking for a

Proteomics Specialist (Scientist 60%-100%)

to cover for a maternity leave.

Your responsibilities include

  • Proteomics data analyses (LTQ Orbitrap, Progenesis etc.)
  • Perform customer projects and internal method development projects in the wet lab for LRC-TriCEPs
  • Cell culture
  • FACS
  • Sample preparation for LC-MS/MS
  • Develop with the team the expansion of the current Services

Interested? More details and information on this site

Example with LRC-TriCEPS applied to human primary T-cells

The LRC-TriCEPS  applied to human primary T-cells

Zellwerk GmbH, Germany and Dualsystems Biotech AG, Zurich joined forces and conducted successfully an entire LRC- TriCEPSTM experiment on primary T-cells.

Positive control ligand (included in the kit): Anti-CD28 antibody the protein CD28
Ligand of interest: Anti-TCR2 α/β antibody
Cells used: human primary T-cells

Read all detail from the experiment about Example of LRC-TriCEPS T-cellsProtein level Volcano plot of LRC-TriCEPS

Next generation TriCEPS now available at Dualsystems Biotech

TriCEPSTM V.3.0 enables receptor identification for your orphan ligands at the surface of living cells without genetic manipulation.

Key features of the new TriCEPSTM V.3.0 and LRC- TriCEPSTM technology are: Read more