The Annual Meeting of the LS2 Section Proteomics, Thun, 20 April – 21 April 2017

The Annual Meeting of the LS2 Section Proteomics-2017

The Annual Meeting of the LS2 Section Proteomics, Thun, 20 April – 21 April 2017

The Annual Meeting of the LS2 Section Proteomics (previously Swiss Proteomics Society)

Thun, Thursday 20 April – Friday 21 April 2017

The LS2 SPS meeting is an annual event gathering more than 100 proteomic/life science researchers from Switzerland and neighboring countries. The meeting will be held on April 20 and 21, 2017 in Seminarhotel Freienhof in Thun, Switzerland. With Profs. Neil Kelleher and Ruedi Aebersold we have an excellent line-up of keynote speakers!

Dr. Neil Kelleher, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA
“Tri-level proteomics to track protein-level dynamics in cancer biology”
Dr. Ruedi Aebersold, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
“The proteome in context”

With a new executive team the SPS aims to reach out to researchers, who are interested in proteomics, but are not necessarily proteomics experts. This meeting is therefore a great opportunity for PhD students, post-docs and group leaders to learn from & connect with researchers using advanced mass spectrometric strategies in order to get mechanistic insights into dynamic biological processes. The topic is accordingly straightforward:

“New Frontiers in Proteomics”

The LS2 SPS meeting is different in many respects. We do focus within a 24 hour format – from Thursday at noon to Friday early afternoon – on bringing the younger generation of proteomic researchers to the table. Most Swiss PI’s will bring several lab members, if not their whole team to the meeting. A higher number of flash talks provide students with the opportunity to present their research & advancements. The meeting is very interactive and participants appreciated very much the opportunity to directly talk to PIs, keynote speakers and vendors – something which is quite tricky to accomplish at larger international meetings.

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