Affinity and receptor expression limits tested for LRC-TriCEPS

Dualsystems Biotech AG is testing the limits of the LRC-TriCEPSTM (CaptiRec) technology using antibodies with different affinities against the same target and cells expressing the target receptor with different expression levels.



Details of the assesment see here

Dualsystems Biotech AG and Biaffin GmbH & Co KG perform together an example of an experiment

Dualsystems Biotech AG and Biaffin GmbH & Co KG  perform together an example of an experiment.

In the case study Dualsystems Biotech AG determined the targets of the Anti EGFR antibodies and Biaffin GmbH& Co KG  measured the binding characteristics of the ligand receptor interaction using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR).


Video – how the LRC-TriCEPS™ technology works

Dualsystems Biotech AG Press Release

How the LRC-TriCEPS™ technology works (Video)

Zürich Switzerland – June 23, 2014 – Dualsystems Biotech AG offers the most advanced technology for identifying receptor(s) for orphan ligands. The ligand-receptor capture technology (LRC-TriCEPS™) is an innovative and conceptually new approach for the unbiased discovery of cell surface interactions of ligands ranging from peptides, proteins, antibodies to viruses. Dualsystems offers the LRC-TriCEPS™ technology in our service line CaptiRec. We offer a variety of formats which will fit your needs: From CaptiRec Kits for your own in-house experiments to an all-inclusive CaptiRec Service.

Dualsystems Biotech AG is looking forward to support your project with the newest invention in receptor/target discovery.

Please watch the video where we explain how the LRC-TriCEPS™ technology works: LRC-TriCEPS™-Video