Nature Article VISTA interaction with PSGL-1 identified by LRC-TriCEPS

October 23, 2019

Intro Nature volume 574, pages565–570 (2019)  


Summary We then performed ligand-based receptor capture with VISTA–Fc chimeric protein and human CD4 + Tcells at acidic pH 19 . PSGL-1 was one of few proteins that were enriched relative to controls (Fig.3a). In addition to its well-characterized role facilitating adhesion interactions between leukocytes, platelets and endothelial cells 20,21 , PSGL-1 has been identified as a negative regulator of T cell responses in contexts of chronic viral infection, cancer, and some autoimmune diseases 22–28 .


Robert J. Johnston, Linhui Julie Su, Jason Pinckney, David Critton, Eric Boyer, Arathi Krishnakumar, Martin Corbett, Andrew L. Rankin, Rose Dibella, Lynne Campbell, Gaelle H. Martin, Hadia Lemar, Thomas Cayton, Richard Y.-C. Huang, Xiaodi Deng, Akbar Nayeem, Haibin Chen, Burce Ergel, Joseph M. Rizzo, Aaron P. Yamniuk, Sanjib Dutta, Justine Ngo, Andrea Olga Shorts, Radha Ramakrishnan, Alexander Kozhich, Jim Holloway, Hua Fang, Ying-Kai Wang, Zheng Yang, Kader Thiam, Ginger Rakestraw, Arvind Rajpal, Paul Sheppard, Michael Quigley, Keith S. Bahjat & Alan J. Korman