Annual Meeting of the LS2 Section Proteomics in Montreux 2018

BIO-Europe Spring 2018 Amsterdam on March 12-14

Dualsystems is at the ls2-annual meeting 2018 lausanne

Ls2 Annual Meeting 2018, 12 – 13 February Lausanne

BIO International Convention 2017 San Diego June 19 – 22

Bio Europe Barcelona 2017

BIO-Europe Spring 2017 Barcelona, Spain on March 20–22

The annual BIO-Europe Spring® conference is the premier springtime partnering conference for the biotechnology industry. For its 2017 edition, BIO-Europe Spring comes to Barcelona, Spain on March 20–22, 2017. Meet Dr. Paul Helbling from Dualsystems Biotech AG to learn more about the new LRC-TriCEPSTM (Ligand-receptor capture) technology to identify targets and off-targets of your ligands…