Cell types – cell lines used with LRC-TriCEPS

Living cell types used with LRC-TriCEPS

Dualsystems Biotech AG has used the LRC-TriCEPS Technology with a large number of different cell lines, primary cells and tissue to identify the targets and off targets of different types of biologics – peptides, proteins, antibodies, antibody drug conjugates – and viruses. The list is not complete and constantly growing:

Human cell lines:

  • Human embryonic kidney cells line
  • Human mammary gland cancer cell line
  • Human breast cancer cell line
  • Human T lymphocyte cell line
  • Human cutaneous T lymphocyte cell line
  • Human prostatic adenocarcinoma cell line
  • Human prostate cancer cell line
  • Human pulmonary mucoepidermoid carcinoma cell line
  • Human Caucasian bronchioalveolar carcinoma cell line
  • Human leukemia cell line
  • Human osteosarcoma cell line
  • Human neuroblastoma cell line
  • Human hepatoma cell line
  • Human retinal epithelium cell line
  • Human glioblastoma cell line

Rodent cell lines:

  • Rat hepatoma cell line

Insect cell lines:

  • Drosophila cell line

Primary cells:

  • Human primary T-cells

Are you looking for the targets of your ligand – peptide, protein, antibody, and virus – that are relevant in the living organism?

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