Target Identification publication at the EBR magazine April 2015

Target-identificationDo you need target identification of your ligand? Ligand-receptor capture (LRC-TriCEPSTM) a new approach to find the targets in the cell membrane on the living cells.

Read the article at the EBR magazine (site 25) for more details or the pdf.

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CaptiREC (LRC-TriCEPS) experiment performed at Dualsystems

Dualsystems has performed an example of a CaptiREC (LRC-TriCEPSTM) experiment to identify the target receptor of Anti-EGFR-Antibody on human breast cancer cells (MDA-MB-23):

Positive control ligand (included in the kit): Insulin
Ligand of interest: Anti-human EGF Receptor Antibody
Cells: MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells

Detail on the experiment see here