Dualsystems announces collaboration to identify new targets of Covid-19

“iBET – Instituto the Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica and Dualsystems Biotech AG entered a collaboration to investigate how COVID-19 infects human cells using Dualsystems’ unique LRC-TriCEPS platform to identify novel functional targets at the surface of living cells during infection.

Dualsystems’ LRC-TriCEPS technology is a unique platform that allows to identify targets on living primary cells (i.e. T-cells) or cell lines. The advantage of our technology is that the cells expressing the unknown targets are still alive during the interaction. Therefore, the target proteins are in their right microenvironment and in their correct three dimensional formation. We therefore can mimic what happens in the patient. After all a living cat is not the same as a cat statue and the same is true for artificial systems that do not reflect the complete complexity of a living cell.