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A new interaction partner for a peptide ligand was identified using our LRC-TriCEPS technology and results are presented in the following publication:

Toll like receptors TLR1/2, TLR6 and MUC5b as binding interaction partners with cytostatic proline rich polypeptide 1 in human chondrosarcoma

November 9, 2017 International Journal of Oncology, / Karina Galoian, Silva Abrahamyan, Gor Chailyan, Amir Qureshi, Parthik Patel, Gil Metser, Alexandra Moran, Inesa Sahakyan, Narine Tumasyan, Albert Lee, Tigran Davtyan, Samvel Chailyan and Armen Galoyan.
Metastatic chondrosarcoma is a bone malignancy not responsive to conventional therapies; new approaches and therapies are urgently needed. We have previously reported that mTORC1 inhibitor, antitumorigenic cytostatic proline rich polypeptide 1 (PRP-1), galarmin caused a significant upregulation of tumor suppressors including TET1/2 and SOCS3 (known to be involved in inflammatory processes), downregulation of oncoproteins and embryonic stem cell marker miR-302C and its targets Nanog, c-Myc and Bmi-1 in human chondrosarcoma. To understand better the mechanism of PRP-1 action it was very important to identify the receptor it binds to. Read more
Dr. Karina Galoian, Research Associate Professor
University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine


We would like to thank Professor Karina Galoian for providing the following testimonial:
“We are very pleased with the experience and interaction on very high professional level with Dualsystems Biotech. As a result of such collaboration the new receptor MUC5B was identified in human chondrosarcoma cells for the first time for anti-proliferative neuropeptide PRP-1. This led to publication of the major manuscript and, most importantly, it opens up many interesting clinical and basic science possibilities for further exploration of this peptides mode of action. I would recommend this reputable company to any researcher interested in the search for new receptor candidates. The TriCEPS technology is so innovative in its design, which captures receptor candidates thus eliminating, months and months of otherwise extra tedious receptor search procedures.
I would like to thank once again the company and, particularly, Dr Helbling for his attention and collaboration.”

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Dr. Karina Galoian, Research Associate Professor
University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine