Next generation TriCEPS now available at Dualsystems Biotech

TriCEPSTM V.3.0 enables receptor identification for your orphan ligands at the surface of living cells without genetic manipulation.

Key features of the new TriCEPSTM V.3.0 and LRC- TriCEPSTM technology are:

  • Less starting material for experiments with rare cell populations:
    • TRICEPS V3.0 LRC experiments require 5-10 fold less starting material for successful receptor identification compared to TRICEPS V2.0.
  • More sensitive identification of low copy number cell surface receptors through all tryptic peptides
    • A modified LRC workflow enabled by TriCEPSTM V.3.0 allows for the theoretical identification of up to 85% of all putative cell surface proteins.
  • Improved receptor identification and quantification strategy enables detection of lower affinity receptors
    • TRICEPS V3.0 powered LRC experiments provides more data essential for improved quantitative statistical analysis

Dualsystems Biotech AG is proud to announce that TriCEPSTM V.3.0 is available immediately for customer projects enabling ligand-receptor deorphanization, target deconvolution, as well as off-target identification. For further information and project quotes regarding the TriCEPSTM V.3.0 or the LRC- TriCEPSTM technology please send request to: