Dualystems Biotech Video how the LRC-TriCEPS technology works

Video – how the LRC-TriCEPS technology works

Dualsystems Biotech AG Press Release

How the LRC-TriCEPS technology works (Video)

Zürich Switzerland – June 23, 2014 – Dualsystems Biotech AG offers the most advanced technology for identifying receptor(s) for orphan ligands. The ligand-receptor capture technology (LRC-TriCEPS) is an innovative and conceptually new approach for the unbiased discovery of cell surface interactions of ligands ranging from peptides, proteins, antibodies to viruses. Dualsystems offers the LRC-TriCEPS technology in our service line CaptiRec. We offer a variety of formats which will fit your needs: From CaptiRec Kits for your own in-house experiments to an all-inclusive CaptiRec Service.

Dualsystems Biotech AG is looking forward to support your project with the newest invention in receptor/target discovery.

Please watch the video where we explain how the LRC-TriCEPS technology works: LRC-TriCEPS-Video