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Dualsystems Biotech AG
Dr. Paul Helbling
Grabenstrasse 11a
8952 Schlieren

phone +41 44 738 50 00
fax +41 44 738 50 05

Please contact Dr. Paul Helbling to discuss how we can support your projects.

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Dualsystems Biotech is located in Schlieren (Zurich), close to the train station.
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References Service CaptiRec

De'Broski R. Herbert Ph.D.
Assistant Professor in Residence
University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

"We have been trying to identify a receptor that has been sought after for nearly 30 years by laboratories across the globe. Thanks to Dualsystems service CaptiRec (LRC-TriCEPS), we now have a strong candidate receptor."


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+41 44 738 50 00

The TriCEPS™-based ligand-receptor capture technology is now available.
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CaptiRec Services Video

CaptiRec Services, ligand-receptor capture technology (LRC). Interview with Dr. Paul Helbling

Video LRC

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